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Recommended Resources

During my time as a teacher and tutor I have tried and tested countless books, kits, games, you name it!


Lately, I have found myself inundated with requests from parents who are falling into internet rabbit holes, looking for the right science resources to support their child's education and it's oh so easy to get lost in it all!


Hopefully, you can find everything you need below, but please remember that this website is built by me, Jessica, a real, self-employed human who tutors full time and enjoys a work-life balance. If you therefore feel like I've missed something amazing that should be here, you're probably right! Please feel free to email any suggestions to


I regularly add items to these pages so keep coming back to find more!

STEM reading list

Got a book worm on your hands? I've collected a wide array of STEM books into a reading list! Here you can find fiction and non-fiction, from lift-the-flap books all the way to some challenging reads for teens and adults!

KS3 Materials

Whether your child is building a foundation of knowledge from which they will progress onto study for their GCSEs or they just want to do some innocent scientific exploration, we've got everything you need!

GCSE & iGCSE materials

Is your child taking science exams in the near future? If so, here's all the resources I recommend to my clients including flash cards, revision guides and exam equipment!

Why Choose Whiteboards and Wonders?

Tailor-made tutoring

At Whiteboards and Wonders, we understand that each student is unique and learns differently. That's why we offer customizable learning plans tailored to your child's needs.

AQA Science

We know how to make this challenging subject easy! With catchy songs, phrases and jokes along the way to help make learning so much more enjoyable, we support students who might be struggling with science at school and those who want to push for top grades!

Edexcel iGCSE Science

We specialise in Edexcel iGCSE sciences for students who are home educating! Whether you need groups or 121 sessions, we've got you! Study biology, chemistry, physics or human biology with us and you can also receive a discount on your exam entry fees!

Proven Success

In August 2023 we celebrated our best results to date with a 100% pass rate and 70% of students achieving grade 7 or above!

*results reflect grades across biology, chemistry and physics for both AQA and Edexcel exam boards*

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